Science in strange locations - at strange hours. It all started with the Mad Scientist Festival, at the Museum of Natural History in Bern.
Night at the Museum, Art Festival style. A long evening full of music, performances, arts and inspiring nonsense.
Three years in a row, then the mad scientist went back to his hidden lab. Where he's constantly working on new outlandish experiments. 


Mad Scientist Festival (2014-2017, RIP)


Museumsnacht Bern, HKB - Blade Runner Special (2019)

An evening full of man machine stuff, set in the year 2019, as imagined in the Sci-Fi classic Blade Runner.


Wildes Wissen, Schauspielhaus Zürich (2015-2018)

A host, a scientific guest and a bunch of actors let loose. That was the simple yet astoundingly chaotic formula for the
Wildes Wissen series on one of the smaller Schauspielhaus stages. Cooked up together with director Sophia Bodamer und writer Konstantin K├╝spert.


Take Me to the Moon, Cinema Rex, Bern (2019)

The moon has always been a place of longing, utopia, attraction. Not only for space experts, but also for artists. On the occasion of the
Bern celebrations for 50th anniversary of the moon landing, Cinema REX invited me to orchestrate a range of cinematic and artistic expeditions.
Since the beginning of cinema, the moon has captured the imagination of film-makers: As early as 1902 the French film pioneer
Georges Méliès made the first science fiction film, Le voyage dans la lune.

The programme culminated in the "Long Night of the Moon", an interdisciplinary artistic short festival with discussions, performances, music and film.
And we presented a short film M.T.E.O.D. produced exclusively for the festival by the Bernese animation studio YK.

Here's the result!

Michaela Tereshkova's extremely obscure Discovery from YK Animation on Vimeo.