Cocktails and science are a perfect match. Not only are the histories of mixing drinks - and of many of the ingredients - close-knit with the history of medicine,
there is a also lot of geekery around when it comes to alchohol. I have played around with cocktails in different formats, from the classical speakeasy bar to more elaborate, science based experiments.



A classic speakeasy, popping up from time to time in gallery spaces, for special occasions, at events or in secret cellars. A bar, a record player, decent lights
and a small choice of old fashioned drinks: that's the simple recipe.

Ultrasonic drinks

Together with my friends from Solutionsbüro, we've been experimenting with sonic maturation of liquors. Aging a cheap whishky for years within a few hours?
All you need is a ultrasonic cleaning device. Presented as part of a special 02022020 evening organised by Dampfzentrale Bern.

ultrasonic negroni

Old citrus fruits special, Venice

I've been invited by Paolo Rosso from microclima to a very special evening happening in the Serra dei Giardini in Venice.
Vicente Todolí, ex-director of Tate Modern and agrumi apostle, brought boxes full of weird and wonderful old citrus species to venice for of local chefs to cook an exclusive menu with.
And I was given the opportunity to try some of the unusual acidity as well and to serve variations of classic cocktails: Meyer's Collins, Bergamot Sidecar, Pursha Cordial Gimlet

todoli citrus

Fermentation and Drinks

work in progress! Kombucha long drinks and other fermentation experiments. Stay tuned.