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Science Writer - Curator - Art/Science/Tech Catalyst


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+++ turing agency goes re:publica 24: Generative KI hat Vorurteile - who cares? Learnings einer Bias Testing Station +++

+++ Call! HackThePromise Festival - Festival for digitality and society, Basel, topic: «fact/fake/fiction» +++

+++ Temporary art space in Basel symbiont space coming up: Fly me to the moon, Art Basel special (10-16 Juni) +++

+++ Workshops/Talks: AI Bias for teens, in collaboration with GGG Basel, Next GGGeneration goes digital +++

+++ sea signals see noise - Signal und Rauschen eines Unterwasserlabors sonic contributions welcome +++



that's what I do:

Science (and other) Writing

I've been a science writer for roughly 15 years now, starting my career right after my degree at ETH Zürich (Interdisciplinary Science).
I had several responsible editor jobs along the way (Wochenzeitung, Basler Zeitung, Der Bund), but I might prefer the freelance freedom
slightly over business hours in an office, if I'm honest. I miss working in a team with smart colleagues, though!


find a choice of recent texts here

or visit my medium channel for articles about AI/machine learning/digital vs. societal challenges

I'm part of the editorial team of the magazine moneta (published by Alternative Bank)

and I blog for KSB Kulturmagazin about culture (aso), with some friends from Bern.


Curation - mixing art and science

Telling stories about science in a journalistic article feels very limited. Some years ago, I started exploring other formats to reflect on science and tech:
on stage, as a festival, finding unusual venues and mixing very diverse audiences. This has become more and more of a professional activity,
I've started taking care of ever bigger events and, lately, exhibitions. And there's more to come!



Frankenstein – From Mary Shelley to the Silicon Valley, Museum Strauhof Zürich

Re/Public – Public Spaces in Digital Times, Politforum Käfigturm Bern

Super – The Second Creation, Museum for Communication Bern  

viRus, symbiont space Basel + Soon Gallery @sitem Bern




Museumsnacht Bern, HKB - Blade Runner Special (2019)

Mad Scientist Festival (2014-2016, RIP)

Wildes Wissen, Schauspielhaus Zürich (2015-2018)




I've founded Solutionsbüro with two coder/hacker friends.
We offer tailor made digital solutions for problems connected with arts projects (stage, installation, performances).
And we organise events with the aim of inspiring artists to work with new tech.



Organisation of workshops and conferences between art, science and tech



I might be a bit of an introvert, but strangely enough I'm pretty comfortable on stage. I regularly moderate panels and talks.


other stuff

A life less ordinary. I like geek stuff, cocktails, bringing people together, books. And a lot of things I can't think of right now - this list is all but complete.


Member of the literature commission of the canton of Bern

Teaching at ZHaW (Blockkurs Technikjournalismus)

Stamm Studio residency, Porrentruy (steering committee)

Cocktail geekery




I coded this myself! Please excuse the clumsiness, I'm a beginner. But I've learned much more than just some HTML doing this.

“Because programming is intertwining with writing, it’s changing what it means to be literate in the 21st century. Computer programming is re-coding literacy.”
Annette Vee, author of Coding Literacy: How Computer Programming is Changing Writing